UK Firms Profiled in 2020 Small Biz 100 to Mark Small Business Saturday

September 29, 2020


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Event organizers are searching for 100 of the best UK small businesses to mark the countdown to the oncoming Small Business Saturday.

The event, set to go down on 5th Dec 2020, comes when small companies are struggling with Coronavirus’s effects and an economic recession.

The 2020 Small Biz 100 will scrutinize a hundred of the best performing firms in the remaining days to the event, in a bid to support and celebrate UK microbusinesses.

2020’s event features a diverse and promising group of self-run businesses impacting the UK’s market.

The countdown starts with a Tottenham-based family-owned restaurant branded Chukus. Nigeria-born brother and sister Emeka and Ifeyinwa Frederick’s restaurant has attracted many clients and encouraged community crowdfunding.

Organizers say the campaign will continue to use various platforms, including social media, to celebrate the 2020 Small Biz 100 every day.

This year’s top 100 will join the long list of hundreds of other alumni. The annual Small Business Saturday launched in 2012 for the first time in the UK but was initially created in 2010 by American Express in the US. It occurs each year on every first Saturday of December but has a year-long impact.

American Express is the UK’s primary sponsor of the program in line with its campaigns to motivate customers to shop from small businesses.

On the event day, consumers from all corners of the UK come out to thank and stand with all categories of small businesses, whether eCommerce or physical stores. Hundreds of micro-business play a key role in endorsing Small Business Saturday through event-hosting and product discounts.

Michelle Ovens, Head of Small Business Saturday UK, stated that this year’s event will be a significant one thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic recession.

“All through the pandemic, the nation has experienced the vital role of small business in the community. The rollout of the 2020 Small Biz 100 appreciates the immense benefits startups and small businesses bring to their surroundings,” said Ovens. “We must continue to offer unswerving support for small businesses as this pandemic goes on.”

According to Dan Edelman, of American Express, “each one of the firms picked in the Small Biz 100 has an inspirational story to tell, and this focus on them is a show of great appreciation and a door for more growth.”

“Our surrounding communities are richer and livelier thanks to these firms, and we’re privileged to support them through our Shop Small campaign and as the primary sponsor of Small Business Saturday.” Said Edelman

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