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How Intelligent is the Decision to Invest in a Pair of Custom-made Shoes?

September 11, 2020


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Looking sharp has a lot to do with the overall dress sense of a person, but recently, I got to learn that footwear gives an impression of how much you are willing to invest in yourself. I remember saving to order a pair of quality leather shoes some years back; with compliments from virtually everyone that saw me in the shoes, I could tell that I made a good investment.

Not only does a quality shoe give a comfortable ambiance to the feet, but it is also a good morale booster. Having spot-on self-confidence when going for an interview or work presentation will be a plus on the impression you leave on the people you encounter.

There are several things necessary to be considered before investing in a pair of shoes. One is the purpose; what niche of events do you have in mind, will it be for official functions, to be worn with casuals for walks in the park, or will it be exposed to the harsh rigors of an Olympics running track? Guests at an office dinner will not find it difficult to pick you for the odd one out when you put on a pair of footwear for recreation for such an occasion.

It is advisable to have at least one shoe pair for the following activities: sporting and fitness activities; official functions like dinners;  a couple of casual breathers for summer afternoon walk; hard soles for occasional hiking and fishing trips in the countryside.

How to identity quality shoes

The ability to assess shoe quality will help ensure that you pay a corresponding price for the offered product. I recently told my brother to read online reviews about G.H. bass’ shoes; he wanted to get a pair of shoes for his wedding. And having bought two quality pairs of that brand for myself last Christmas, I could vouch for their quality. He, however, felt that paying that much for a couple of shoes is a rip off; but you know, it all boils down to taste – and knowing how to assess the quality of products before opting to buy. There are leather shoes in my rack, which I have had for several years now, and would still fetch a reasonable price if I were to decide on selling them in the pre-use sale sites.

Taking custom-made leather shoes as our focus, here are a few things to look out for when hunting for quality shoes. If your choice is a leather shoe for casual wear, go for one with full-grain leather; the texture and weather hardiness of such shoes makes them comfy to wear. However, for more formal wear, a shoe with the top made of fine leather gets the vote.

Avoid brands that use imitation leather for the upper portion of their shoes, to misleading buyers. Shoes made from genuine leather are distinguishable by checking for the characteristic smell, texture, thickness, and the reversed side of the material. If a so-called leather shoe peels, creases, or changes color over time, the leather is most likely imitation.

Check for the utilized method in holding the sole and shoe top together. Is it a stitch-finished shoe or glue-finished shoe? Leather shoes that are stitch-finished are the hallmark of quality, which makes them relatively expensive.




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